Creating Connections and Community with G+

December 5, 2013

Google +, or G+, is a social networking site available through your SNC-provided Google Apps account that helps to promote online communication, collaboration, and community-building through services like Hangouts, Communities, photo sharing, and more. You can access Google+ by clicking on the “+You” (if you haven’t set your G+ account up yet) or the “+YourName” icon in your Google Apps menu bar.

Tip #1: Meet one-on-one with Hangouts

Need to have a quick chat with someone, but don’t want to run across campus in the blistering cold to meet face-to-face? Or perhaps you need to collaborate with a student or faculty member, but s/he is unavailable to meet in person. Use Google Hangouts to initiate a quick chat or video meeting, right from your dorm room or desk! Students, faculty, and staff can use this tool to hold office hours, participate in on-campus meetings while working remotely, and have other one-on-one meetings anytime, online.

Google+ Hangout

Tip #2: Start a Hangout Party/Hangout on Air for group meetings or collaborations

Flu season is right around the corner! To stop the spread of germs, use Google Hangout Party for your virtual collaboration. Hangout parties support video conferencing for up to ten (10) connections, or unlimited connections in text chat. Another type of video chat is a Hangout on Air. This is a video hangout that allows for public broadcasting and recording of the video. An individual can either participate in the Hangout on Air through video, or simply connect and watch the session.


Tip #3: Create a Community for your group, team, or club

Group/team interaction can be challenging, but can be made easier with one central location for sharing ideas and information. Google Communities is a great option for group collaboration and information sharing!

Within Communities, users can post videos and photos, display links, make events, start conversation topics, and post news or updates. When posting items, each can be organized into either pre-made or custom categories that can help sort posts for quick retrieval. And Communities offers email notifications, so you can stay on top of posts and replies without having to regularly check the site.

Communities can set up to be either public or private, with the community owners specifying who can be invited, and what the invitees can do in the community.

Google+ Communities

Tip #4: Go mobile and take G+ with you

Using Google+ does not mean being confined to a computer. The Google+ app is available for mobile devices and can be used to post items to a community, share photos, create events, and start chats or video conferences.


Want to learn more?

To learn more about Google+, including a Getting Started guide, visit the Google+ website or Google’s G+ Help site. Or, contact the ITS Service Desk at ext. 4040, or¬†

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