LMS Usage & Growth

December 6, 2013

snoodleThe number of “active” courses in the SNoodle learning management system (LMS) increased from 49 in Fall 2012 to 176 in Fall 2013, an increase of 259 percent! For analysis purposes, courses were deemed “active” if they had more than 10 components, including links, documents, handouts, discussions, quizzes, etc.

In total, 88 percent of students and 53% of faculty have logged into the LMS since the beginning of the Fall semester. LMS usage is lowest on Saturdays, peaks on Sundays, and is fairly consistent across the rest of the week, from Monday through Friday.

This growth in LMS usage and activity is great news, and right in line with student expectations! In an ECAR study conducted in Spring 2013, nearly half of St. Norbert student respondents indicated that they wished their instructors would communicate more via the LMS and use the LMS more, generally, as a resource/tool.

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