Who To Call

December 8, 2013

raechelle.clemmonsAnother semester has come and gone, and Winter is very clearly upon us. As I reflect back on the last few months (and especially, the warmer days we saw during them!), I’m surprised by the number of comments and questions I received during the Fall semester about who to call in ITS for service and support. I’ve even received an email or two, sent to me and several others in ITS, that begins something like… “I wasn’t sure who to contact about this, so…”.

A year ago we began talking about the idea of an ITS Service Desk, in part to eliminate the need for students, faculty, and staff to have to understand the various roles, responsibilities and organizational structure within ITS in order to get technical support. All you have to do is call, email, or drop by one location — the Service Desk — to get the assistance you need. Our professionally-staffed Service Desk can generally resolve 40-50 percent of issues or requests right there at the desk, without needing to escalate to another area of ITS. So if you have a technical question, need to report an issue, or would like to make a request (new software or hardware needs, for example), just contact the ITS Service Desk!

We recognize, however, that you may wish to communicate with us on items beyond reporting issues or requesting services. Perhaps you’ve contact the Service Desk, and aren’t getting the support you need. Or you’re thinking about a new program, and would like to know what technology options you have to support it. Or maybe you would like to offer some feedback on ITS current or proposed support, services, projects, or priorities. Who do you contact then?

If you are not getting the service that you expect on a particular support request, please do not hesitate to escalate your issue! We strive for exceptional service, but sometimes things go awry. We want to improve our service, and can only do that if specific issues are brought to our attention. To escalate an issue, contact Amy Roffers, our Service Desk Supervisor, or Scott Crevier, the ITS director responsible for the Service Desk. If you know which area is responsible for servicing your request, you should also feel free to escalate your issue to the director responsible for that area. ITS directors are:

For exploratory conversations about new technologies or projects, you can reach out to the ITS director responsible for your area of inquiry, or, simply contact the Service Desk and the right director/team will be assigned to being the conversation with you.

There are a number of paths to providing more general feedback about ITS strategies, services, and support. Each division has a representative on the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), and that’s one way to provide feedback on ITS initiatives. Often we’ll take projects and policies to the TAC and solicit feedback from TAC members and the divisions they represent. We also are forming two new advisory groups this Spring — one for Enterprise Applications and one for Academic Technology. These groups will be more narrowly focused on their respective topic areas, and will have broad based representation from affected areas. These representatives will offer another avenue for providing feedback to ITS on these topics. But you may also provide feedback directly to us — simply email, call, or schedule an appointment with any ITS director or with me.¬†We would love to hear from you, so please don’t be shy!

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