Winter Break Projects

December 8, 2013

Winter break is nearly upon us, and for ITS, that means we’re working on Winter projects! Winter break and the summer are always busy times for us, as we work to update systems and services while the rest of the campus slows down a bit. In addition to the wireless project and SNoodle upgrade announced elsewhere in Tech EDge, here are some of the other projects that ITS will be working on this Winter break:

Classroom Upgrades

Todd Wehr Hall classrooms 228 and 229 will be upgraded over J-term. The Hitachi Starboard in these rooms will be replaced with a larger flat-screen display, increasing the display size from 65″ to 80″. The new display will provide a brighter and more consistent image as well as updated and improved audio capability. The rooms will be configured for users to connect their own laptop as well as project wirelessly via Apple TV. To ease this transition, the existing PC will remain in the room during the spring semester.

KnightLine Proxy Access

We are in the early phases of a project to provide students with the ability to initiate proxy access to their KnightLine account for their parents, guardians, or others who need the ability to see Banner information. The student will control the amount of access they provide to their proxy contact, and can enable/disable it through KnightLine anytime they chose. ITS is collaborating with the following offices on this project: Financial Aid, Bursar’s Office, REH, and Registrar. Enhancements

Over the break we will be integrating defined data points between Salesforce and Banner so that the two systems have synchronized data and maintain data integrity without any manually executed scripts or human processes. This project will also include the capability to create integrated reports, using both Banner and Salesforce data. We also are working with Athletics to enable coaches to use the system for recruiting. This will create a unified recruiting process for both Admissions and Athletics, maintaining all recruiting data in one place and facilitating better coordination collaboration between the two departments.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Our most significant infrastructure project over the Winter break and into the Spring semester will be implementing a new wireless system. In addition, the Infrastructure Services team will be continuing the consolidation of our VMware hosts, completing the integration of the CWIS cluster of servers into the main cluster. Our VMware hosts are physical servers that host virtual ones. Because of efficiencies in technology and our move towards cloud-hosted services, we are going to be able to reduce our number of physical servers by half, reducing our long-term hardware, maintenance, and energy costs. The team will also be installing software updates to the servers that support our virtual desktop/virtual computing lab environment, vLab.

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